04.06. Abortion by ship, by drone, by internet…

04.06.//19.00 Uhr//Verónica Fernández & Krisztina Les //
Café KoZ, Mertonstrasse 26-28, Frankfurt

Vortragssprache: Englisch

Women on Waves and Women on Web. Abortion by ship, by drone, by internet…

Women on Waves was founded in 1999 by Rebecca Gomperts. Working in close cooperation with local organizations, Women on Waves wants to respond to an urgent medical need and draw public attention to the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and illegal abortion through high impact campaigns. Women on Waves supports the efforts of local organizations to change the laws in their country.
During the lecture Verónica and Krisztina will introduce you to the work and campaigns of the organisation and discuss abortion access, laws and the stigma.
They trust that women can do a medical abortion themselves, so Women on Waves makes sure that women have access to medical abortion and information through their partner organization, Women on Web.
Women on Web is an international collective that answers thousands of help-emails every day in many languages from women around the world. The multi language helpdesk is supervised by medical doctors.
Verónica and Krisztina will introduce the “I need an abortion project”. This tele medical service refers interested women to licensed doctor who can provide them with abortion pills. Afterwards they also would like to explain the “I had an abortion project”. This project collects abortion stories from all over the world with the goal of supporting women seeking abortions, and promoting access to this basic right.
Die Referentinnen

Verónica Fernández
Coordinator of local contacts in Latin America  Member of the Women on Web administrative team and Women on Waves campaign officer

Krisztina Les
Coordinator of local contacts in Eastern Europe and member of the Women on Web administrative team
Über die Organisation Women on Waves gibt es auch einen Dokumentarfilm: The Vessel; https://vimeo.com/106489346